Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review in 2020

Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review has many features a Wacom tablet has, but it is a low budget, which makes it great for beginners and students still in college. It also suits artists that cannot afford a high price tablet and are on a budget. It’s also uses for notes on medical school students.

The pen requires a single AAA battery to operate.

Monoprice graphics tablet does not have a touch function in it. They also cannot sense rotation as the expensive Wacom tablets do. While these features are useful, not all the graphic artist uses them. Some of them use them for basic drawing or anime drawings.

The tablet has the same level of pressure sensitivity as the latest Wacom tablets as well as the other high-end tablets.

Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review – You Need To Know

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The Monoprice isn’t a shabby tablet either, but surprisingly, it is not that solid as the other high-end tablets. With ordinary use, it is still usable.

This model is a graphics tablet. You can connect this tablet to a computer via USB 2.0. You can then draw on the tablet, and you will see the end product on the computer screen. This Monoprice tablet is portable and comes with a pen.

What’s In The Box

The box contains a tablet and wireless pen and other pen tip-removal tools. There is also mini USB cable along with drivers and software CD.

For Left-Handed Artists

There are six buttons on the left side of the tablet. The latest set of Windows driver will let remaining handed users flip the pill and move the hand keys to the right.

The latest version allows the tablet to flip the Express Key on the right side.

Where to download the Drivers

You may download the drivers along with user manuals from the main Monopricesite page.

The drivers are for Windows 10, 7, XP or Mac 10.4 or later. The tablet is also for people for Linux, but there aren’t any Linux drivers for Linux processors.


It is higher portable, and it is light and easy to carry.


The stylus is a little clumsy so you might want to invest in money to buy a better one. Users are trying to put a new battery as the knife doesn’t work or connect with the sword. So there might be a hassle to keep changing the AAA battery to get a working pen. The AAA battery that comes in the box might not be a good one so you might need to buy a new one to insert into the stylus.

When inserting the battery, make sure the battery and contact in the pen barrel are correctly connected. Also, make sure not to bend the metal strip in pen. Pull the pen apart to open the pen that comes with the tablet.

As a replacement pen, it is recommended to buy the Monoprice 10 x 6.25-inch Graphic Drawing Tablet (4000 LPI, 200 RPS, 2048 Levels) which is cheap and useful.

It is lightweight and thinner than the one that comes along with the tablet. The pen opens up quickly. The build is sturdier, and the battery replacement is easier to use, although the innards are not that sturdy. The most complaint comments when screwing one part or two parts to remove or insert the battery.


The buttons are also hard to find.

Both pens have programmable buttons but don’t come with an eraser tip. You need to use the tablet eraser tool.

The nibs for the pens will not become blunt and out of use quickly, provided you don’t press down the nib hard. The plastic sheet on the tablet protects the nibs on the stylus, but if you feel more comfortable, you lift the plastic sheet during drawing.

But this will deteriorate the pen nibs, so do not raise the layer all the time. Make sure to get Monoprice replacement nibs that will fit both.


After the Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review, the surface has a bumpy texture that gives the user a nice feel when drawing, but it can destroy the nibs after a while. It also comes with a plastic sheet that makes tracing art simpler and more comfortable. Tracing drawings is another way to send the info to your computer.

Another way to do so is to use a scanner or draw freehand right into the network.

When using the Monoprice tablet, you need to tap the tablet surface with a pen to start it. If the pen is set to brush, you will need to click “undo” to get rid of the mark that you made on the program when you tried to run the program.

The tablet connects to the computer via USB. There is no on/off switch.


You can use any software that is on the computer with this. It is not necessarily working on another program as a mouse.

The Monoprice uses components from UC-Logic. The drivers are found on the UC Logic site. There is also a CD in the package. Install them from the home site will ensure you to get the latest updated drivers instead of the old ones in the cd package.

Once the tablet is turned on, but the pen is not recognized – make sure that you replace the battery in the pen if something goes wrong. The battery is OK, but the tablet still can’t connect with the pen, you might need to get a replacement nib.

What We Liked
  • This tablet is affordable and cheap.
  • The drawing is accurate along with the more delicate lines.
  • Performance is comparable to expensive tablets.
What We Didn't Like
  • The stylus has issues with the battery
  • Drivers might be complicated to install
  • The button icons sometimes do not correspond on how you manage to configure them.

Final Verdict

The highlight of the Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review is essential on one thing: Performance. Some digital artists feel that it performs better than most tablets. The tablet is sensitive and responds well, as well as getting excellent line control even when it zooms out.

Adjusting settings in the software when needed will make a huge difference. Each user is different from their preferences.  It is a cheap tablet that is easily carried around, making it easy to travel with. It is also a tremendous secondary tablet.