How To Start Your Own Roofing Company

How to start your own roofing business without making the mistakes that many have made

Many roofing businesses close before they even get started. However, starting a roofing business is not that difficult when obstacles are identified and avoided when following a proper Roofing Marketing Plan.

In summary, here’s how to successfully start your roofing business:

  • Plan not to fail. With so many lists of what to do, what to get, and where to get it, how come more new roofing businesses fail than succeed? Avoid mistake No.1.
  • Hire an accountant.
  • Before starting. It is essential to know how much it will cost you before opening your roofing business. Only then will you know how much you will need to support yourself and make a profit.
  • Set costs and prices.
  • Protect yourself. Opt for sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or SRL (Limited Liability Company). Check with your accountant and insurance agent.
  • Register, license and insure your roofing business.
  • Don’t overspend. A desk in a room at home, in the basement or garage, and a phone in your pocket are all you need. Buy tools as roofing projects require.
  • You do not need new equipment, using it will be fine.
  • Be smart when hiring. You want roofers who know their trade at least as much as you do. You’ll find them at or near stores that sell roofing supplies.
  • Hire the best, and fire the rest.
  • Sell ​​well. Your future depends on your ability to sell. Honing your sales skills whenever you can is time well spent. The better it is, the bigger it will be.
  • Create a cool-looking sales kit.
  • Promote without advertising. There is a lot to do before spending money on advertising. Many companies have been forged thanks to signs on trucks or gardens.
  • Invest in posters.
  • Don’t take on more than you can squeeze. Learn from those who have already been through this experience. Look only for low liability projects that you know will make a profit.
  • Turn down high-risk projects.

Don’t take on more than you can squeeze

  • Before you buy more equipment, make the ones you already have pay for themselves.
  • Look for projects that are profitable for you.
  • Focus more on low-liability sloped roofs and less on flat roofs that require the use of torches with open flames.
  • Don’t ignore the off-season

If you’re going to work in a four-season region, think about how you’ll stay solvent during slower times. Some options:

  • Set aside money to pay expenses and bills in the off-season.
  • Create related work to bridge the gap. For example, interior insulation for lofts.
  • To the extent possible in your area, prepare to roof for all four seasons.
  • How to Start Your Own Roofing Business
  • Don’t run out of money to pay your taxes

It is very easy to use the collected tax when you receive it. But remember it’s not your money. If you must collect taxes on your sales, you must also pay them to the government. And if you don’t have that money, you’re in trouble:

Open a business account for your company.

Talk to your accountant about the benefits of having an account to put money aside.

Final Tips on Starting a Roofing Business

While you’ll be able to do most roof evaluations, installations, and repairs yourself in the first few weeks after launching your roofing business, you’ll eventually need to employ a team of experienced roofers. As your roofing business grows, you will reach a point where you are managing a team of roofers from your office. Pay attention to work ethic and experience when hiring roofers. Your roofing company needs skilled people who are ready to work hard. Review each candidate’s work history and references and get an idea of ​​whether they’re the right fit for the job.