How To Recover The Intestinal Flora

We call intestinal flora the large number of microorganisms that colonize the intestine, especially the colon area, and that is responsible for much of our health.

Various circumstances can cause a significant imbalance of these bacterial species, so it is important that we know some tips on how to recover the intestinal flora to feel better.

What is intestinal flora for?

This set of bacterial microorganisms helps us digest properly and synthesize the nutrients we take to metabolize them. Likewise, they create a protective barrier in the intestine that prevents the development of other types of viruses and bacteria that can be negative for health.

Keep in mind that intestinal flora helps the body’s defenses work properly.

Why is intestinal flora unbalanced?

The list of causes that can affect the balance of the intestinal flora includes stress, diets low in fiber and with excess protein and fat, alcohol, tobacco, and the body’s own natural aging.
Also the intake of certain medications, food intolerances, and diseases such as common gastroenteritis.

How to recover intestinal flora?

These alterations of the intestinal flora are much more common than they may seem a priori. Recovering it naturally is a simple process if you use probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in foods such as yogurt.

They can also be ingested as a medicine or as a food supplement.

The best-known probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria. Its objective is to help intestinal macrobiotics to regenerate naturally. Among other things, they are used to treat diarrhea caused by antibiotics, among other gastrointestinal disorders.

For their part, Detox probiotic is non-digestible substances that work by selectively stimulating the development of the most beneficial intestinal bacteria. They are usually found in foods such as dairy products or cereals, to which they are artificially added.

Some prebiotics is used as medications for constipation, and others are carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruits.

Among other functions of these substances, we highlight:

The growth of beneficial flora.
Stimulation of immune function.
The synthesis of vitamins in the body.
Improvement of constipation.
Control of common digestive disorders such as gases.
Other products with which we can recover intestinal flora are the synbiotics, which combine probiotics and prebiotics to benefit from the positive effects of both.

The symbiotic food par excellence is breast milk.

For this reason, commercialized infant formulas contain synbiotics in their formulas. Likewise, there are numerous food supplements of this type on the market, which can be easily taken even diluted in some liquid.

Following a balanced diet and resorting to probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics will help us recover the intestinal flora and improve our digestive health. And we must not forget about multivitamins.