Best Drawing Tablet 2017 | Expert Guide to Buy a Tablet (step by step)

Looking for the best drawing tablet? I think you are in the perfect place, here you'll get a better advice to choose the best tablet step by step.

Art is a big world. It is everything that acts as a bridge for the mind to put passionately detailed images into the reality that will stand the test of time. It creates a platform to touch and provoke hearts, trigger thoughts and inspire once more. To me that makes sense. _Drawing Advisor

As renown or an upcoming artist, a remarkable drawing tablet can aid a lot to achieve some of your unraveled fine art, more especially if you are editing images, blending colors, adding some effects on your art and going about your most untested retouching techniques. Well, one thing for sure is that with a reliable and great tablet you are bound to do more.

A graphic tablet is a hardware input for the digital drawing of artworks. They come with a touch-sensitive drawing screen that is able to transfer your movements on the screen, even through the air, using an accompanying mouse stylus pen or digital pen.

You want to sketch, illustrate, color, airbrush or sculpt 3D software? A drawing tablet is exactly what you need to fix all that for you. Simply put, drawing tablets are faster and produce quality impressive results. How about a quick one on some of the most dependable best drawing tablet 2017 that will do you some justice for your finish whilst winning heart bit by bit? This is with an informative table & an attractive infographic photo that is below of our guide.

The Top 10 Best Drawing Tablet of 2017 

Model NameTypeScreen SizeAdvisor RatingCurrent Price
1# Wacom Cintiq 13HD
Wacom cintiq 13HD pen display

Tablet monitor

13.3" inches

4.8 out of 5

2# Wacom Intuos Pro
Wacom Intuos Pro pen touch

Graphics tablet

6.7" inches

4.8 out of 5

3# Ugee 1910BUgee 1910B tablet
Tablet monitor

19" inches

4.6 out of 5

4# Wacom Intuos DrawWacom Intuos Draw tablet
Graphics Tablet

7" inches

4.8 out of 5

5# Wacom Intuos ArtWacom Intuos Art tablet
Graphics Tablet

8.75" inches

4.8 out of 5

6# Huion H610PROHuion H610PRO tablet
Graphics Tablet

10" inches

4.7 out of 5

7# Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S PenSamsung Galaxy Tab with S Pen
Android tablet

10.1" inches

4.8 out of 5

8# Microsoft Surface Pro 4Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet PC
Tablet PC

12.3" inches

4.8 out of 5

9# Microsoft Surface BookMicrosoft Surface Book tablet pc
Tablet PC

13.5" inches

4.7 out of 5

10# Lenovo Yoga BookLenovo Yoga Book tablet pc
Tablet PC

10.1" inches

4.6 out of 5

Best Tablet for Drawing in the Market

It never gets easier if you are trying to locate drawing tablets that not only stand out from many regular standards out there, but I save you the pain in the neck.

Experience this never to have to replace your drawing tablet. This will again save your long-term costs with dependable devices. You stand to avoid the unnecessary extra costs.

I will point out my favorites that have left me long for the time I will squeeze from my schedule, to just sit down and draw. They accomplish my gratification quest.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

wacom cintiq 13hd

Advisor Rating  4.9

What We Like

  • Best drawing tablet for Mac or PC without mess ups.
  • Easy to setup on Mac or PC.
  • Comes with a detachable display stand and many usage compartments.
  • Adjustable pressure on the screen.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't come as a stand-alone tablet.

You want your drawing to remain as natural as much as possible? Well, this remarkable natural pen-on-screen stands to provide you with the most high-performance touch on your art that will make you want to do more drawing. It is just awesome.

I just loved the compact design of this favorite drawing tablet. It is slim, one thing that makes it so packable. With a 13.3-inch display, designers and illustrators will find it a resourceful clarity for the most of their detailed and lovable artwork.

Thanks to the intelligent craft of this drawing tablet, you will also get a pro pen for tailoring of your brush size and line weight whenever and wherever you feel like. For the most reliable faster access to the shortcuts, count on its Express keys and a rocker ring to do you the job perfectly.

Using the easy-to-use multi-touch pictures, zoom, rotate, pan and even navigate your artwork very conveniently to realize that touching finish effortlessly. Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display continues still moves fast to assert its ability to be usable while flat on your desktop as you rest it on your lap, comfortably.

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet (Old Model)

Wacom Intuos Pro

Advisor Rating  4.9

What We Like

  • Has a rubber grip for comfortable handling.
  • Has a digital eraser on the pen.
  • Comes with programmable keys for pre-selection of shortcuts.
  • Quicker finger-sensitive touch ring for real-time responses.
  • Embraces wireless flexibility.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't serve as a stand-alone computer.

The Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet (Old Model) continues to still lead in versatility as the ultimate choice for artists and many professionals in the world of art. It remains a medium-sized tablet of choice with an incredibly elegant design.

It comes with some of the finest capabilities and multi-touch gestures for the most of your passionate drawings. Paint, draw, design and create while retouching with one of the most effortless to use a tablet in the Wacom Intuos Pro.

If you want reliable precision and command over your most yet to be tested skills, use the creative software to do your most anticipated drawing just the right way. You will be thrilled by its size which comes at 14.9 by 9.9 inches. This is a size that can quickly fit into your laptop bag and you are good to go.

Am always keen on the pressure sensitivity of any drawing pad I go for. This didn't disappoint when I got hold of it the first time. It is incredibly able to mimic sensitivity enabling you to control your art tools for the best use possible, as you go about your drawing.

With a 2,048 level of pen-pressure sensitivity irrespective of the angle you hold the pen, expect to negotiate the best bands on the curves you are bringing out in your drawing, without much of the strain. This can enable you to realize those variations we love in line with width and opacity plus the most trusted unique effects on your brush. Due to this exception, I listed as the best tablet for drawing.

Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Display

Ugee 1910B

Advisor Rating  4.6

What We Like

  • Compatible with windows XP/Vista/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS (latest version)
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Light weight pen cordless for better holding.
  • Effortless to learn and use.
  • Pen supports a Li-ion battery for a continuous 800 hours continuous use.

What We Don't Like

  • Not compatible with Wacom pen graphics tablet.

Most seasoned and rising artists, illustrators and professionals in the drawing industry are likely to find the resolution of this drawing pad, quite compelling. On a 19-inch LED drawing area, it is an ultimate awesome TFT panel for a 140 by 900 resolution. It implies you have the clarity you can count on.

The device will support your monitor and meet all your drawing demands, courtesy of its 2048 level pressure sensitivity.

I loved the fact that, this top class graphic tablet also comes with a battery-free pen. Just go for a click on the pen to juggle in between the pen and the eraser when doing the finest adjustments on your piece of drawing.

Imagine of a graphic tablet that is so unstable while you are drawing your project on a tight schedule? This would mean you are bound to shake causing a lot of mess to your working area, leave alone the active area itself. Nobody wants it messy.

TheUgee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Display takes into account this cleverly with its ergonomic stable stand adjustable in different angles, for any of your drawing preferences. These are some of the reasons why this device remains your resilient choice that will provide you even more.

Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners

Starting up drawing needs a graphic tablet that nurtures your skills and new ideas as you find it easy to use your drawing pad. I take you through some of the beginners appropriate drawing devices that stand out from many standard models in the market today.

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW

Wacom Intuos Draw The Best Drawing Tablet

Advisor Rating  4.8

What We Like

  • Comes with everything for your drawing in just one box.
  • Effortless to create visualizations inline width.
  • Great in applying effects on your finish.
  • Has shortcut keys for customizable working.
  • Brings you a battery-free pen without need to charge.
  • Simple to set up for Mac or PC.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't have an eraser end.

The drawing should pleasurable and be exciting with the right beginner's graphic tablet. A newbie into drawing should find it so easy to adapt to new skills and tactics being put into real images. It provides you more than just this because it’s the best cheap drawing tablet.

You can paint your drawing and sketch it effortlessly as you go about using the most comfortable stylus pen for your hand. The Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW is just an epitomized whole new experience in waiting for you.

Expect to have with all drawing supplies in just one accompaniment in your graphic tablet. You can literary transform your pen into one amazing virtual brush dedicated for the most of your ideas for your drawing preferences.

Are you thinking of markers, glue, in a real drawing? This drawing pad feels like its real drawing with your pencil. Never have to worry whether you are right-handed or left-handed, it is a perfect match for you, compatible with any suitable software application.

You need an extra edge as a beginner. The Intuos Draw enables you to draw and sketch using the best downloadable software. If you need extra additional information how to go about a disturbing drawing, you can count on online tutorials to take for that extra mile.

Beginners with the device should never have to worry anymore of a tablet that is close to their demands.

Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch Small Tablet

Wacom Intuos Comic

Advisor Rating  4.6

What We Like

  • Comes with customizable express keys to shortcut functions.
  • Able to connect to Mac or PC.
  • Works with any software program.
  • Usable by both the left-handed and right-handed.
  • Comes with a battery-free pen.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't work on Macbooks and Chromebooks.

I bought this Pen and Touch for my younger cousin who was getting passionate about drawing; the excitement in his eyes could only reflect his experience as he went about his archived drawing ideas. With my experience, I think it’s the best drawing tablet for beginners.

He could sketch; color image margins, ink his art with one reliable pressure-sensitive stylus pen on digital paper. I could easily be tempted to drawing every time I had a glance at his artistic skills. They were just impressive. This is why with this drawing pad; you can never put limits to the best of your imaginations that need to be put to real images.

As a beginner, expect to do layouts as you embrace your creative ideas on one easy to use pen tablet that compliments what you just have in mind.

Count on an endless array of colors, brushes, and effects thanks to the digital quality of the device. I like the pen's ability to perfectly mirror your brushstrokes and lines. Rely on the ability to do multi-touch gestures in zooming in and out your art, pan or even navigate through the best of your creations.

Best Graphics Tablet in 2017

To avoid instances of going for drawing tablets that hit the mark, how about you get any of these graphic tablets if high performance and versatility in use is what you need?

Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Digital Graphics (Medium)

Wacom Intuos Art

Advisor Rating  4.8

What We Like

  • Have customizable express keys.
  • Able to connect to Mac or PC.
  • Can work with any software program.
  • Comes with a battery-free pen.
  • Usable by the left-handed and right-handed.
  • Comes with shortcut keys and multi-touch capability.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't work directly with MacBook.

The Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics (Medium) still continues to win hearts and minds of ardent artists and illustrators in the art world. This is because the tablet is not only very easy to use but also adaptable and comfortable for your lap positioning as you go about your drawings.

Its screen is pressure-sensitive enough just to provide you the right responses when you give the tablet commands. This implies when you want to sketch, paint, do editing of your work and even do some pastel on your artwork, you expect quick reactions, more especially when you are quick.

Wacom Intuos Art is best for your upcoming creativity. All of us love express keys to aid you into shortcuts of tablet functions. This puts you in a position to change the tools to what you exactly need.

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet

Huion H610PRO

Advisor Rating  4.7

What We Like

  • One year warranty.
  • Has a superb active Area of 10 x 6.25 inches.
  • Saves power with only 0.35W consumption.
  • Very portable and packable with a weight of just 635g.

What We Don't Like

  • The eraser end of the stylus doesn't feature pressure sensitivity.

Nothing solves the puzzle in artwork, like the Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet. It comes with some of the most impressive customizable 16 hot keys and eight side buttons suited to your tastes and preferences.

For the screen drawing surface, it is perfectly large enough on ten by 6.25 inches, a spacious working area for the most of your convenience.

The moment you will need thin to thick lines, count on the drawing pad's 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to take in your commands and respond real time. For those who are right-handed and left-handed.

As if the tablet isn't done yet, expect to find it compatible with XP/7/8/8.1/10 and even the Mac OS X 10.8.0 among other latest versions. This can be hosted on illustrator, Corel painter, and clip studio, Photoshop and much more.

Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch

Wacom Intuos Photo

Advisor Rating  4.8

What We Like

  • Pen embraces 1024 distinctive pressure levels.
  • Has multi-touch gestures for tailored drawings.
  • Comes with customizable express keys for adjustment of tablet tools.
  • Effortless to set up on a Mac or PC.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't work directly on MacBook.
  • You can't change the active area to whatever size you wish like.

Take your perfection to another level when it comes to drawing and applying the very fine effects on the ultimate touch for your images with the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch.

You will experience a feeling so natural just like you intended using your real pencil and paper, to work on your project. Edit your photo details, create the masks and the extra effects you can rely on to achieve the right precision you want to realize in your piece of art.

If there is anything that thrills me most with this top graphics tablet, it is the capability to quickly share all the work you have archived in your tablet to your fellow professional artists, friends, clientele, fanatics and many others.

Best Digital Drawing Tablet

Bringing art to blend well altogether with the digital device can be transformative and uplifting to your quest for the right balance of your finish.

All you need is a well-crafted digital art tablet to lock in your expectations. Take a quick look of some of the most reliable and top class drawing pads.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Advisor Rating  4.9

What We Like

  • Has incredible visuals and display.
  • Embraces greatly wireless connectivity.
  • Embraces well apps for iPad.
  • Very slim and light weight.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't come with an apple pencil for those who might prefer the option.
  • Doesn't have a micro SD slot.

My best digital art tablet is Apple iPad Pro that tends to strike that generational ambiance most artists crave for. This is one drawing pad that will provide you with that power to go crazy with art digitally, using your fingertips, just like you drawing or painting using a real pencil, brush on paper.

You might come across the 12.9-inch, or 9.7-inch model, whichever that gets your attention, choose what suits you most. Take into account your tactics and techniques for the finest finish you will be handling.

This graphic tablet is one experience that will warm your heart like no other. Interact with its multi-touch for a more detailed of your piece of art, thanks to the highest resolution of a kind, operating on an IOS device.

Rely on 1.8 times CPU performance of this digital tablet to deliver the most automated quick response on the active screen area, as you figure out fast the next touch you want to work on.

Do you have those mind boggling activities like 4K video editing? It handles all that unraveling the smoothest working. This saves your time when speed is of an essence.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

Advisor Rating  4.8

What We Like

  • Has a long lasting battery.
  • Exhibits enhanced HD display for crisp imaging.
  • Provides versatility n drawing demands.
  • Brings out artwork vibrancy perfectly.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't come with antenna for connectivity via Wi-Fi, for those In need of such convenience.

Getting to put down your ideas in mind about the most creative artistic drawings, is one trouncing experience an artist goes through, more especially with the best drawing tablet with screen. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen comes to your rescue and delivers the job perfectly.

Draw, identify your favorite finishes, create customized and animated art pieces without much of the strain when done store all this in a Micro SD slot that comes with this amazing drawing pad. The memory is expandable too.

This is convenience you can't afford to ignore if doing your pictures is anything you are taking seriously.

Depend on its long lasting battery to see you through those engaging pieces of work. Stream online smoothly, browse through any artistic stuff you equally need, courtesy of the tablet's built-in Octa-core processor.

Huion Micro USB Digital Pen Tablet

Huion Micro USB

Advisor Rating  4.7

What We Like

  • Rechargeable stylus pen for 2 hours to last for 450 hours.
  • Supports most drawing software.
  • Comes with programmable express keys.
  • It has a 5080 LPI resolution and 2048 level of pressure sensitivity.
  • Comes with a built-in memory slot expandable to 64GB.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't work on chrome.

If there is one graphic device that embraces a user-friendly interface, it is the Huion Micro USB Digital Pen Tablet, also the best tablet for drawing in 2017. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you never have to worry because it accommodates your convenience of use comfortably.

You have options of activating it to the left-handed mode on the functionality of advanced setting on the driver platform.

It supports the windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS 10.8.0 and even most of the latest versions. It is very well compatible with most of the drawing software that you might find suitable to your artistic needs.

Best Tablet PC For Drawing

You stand a chance to exploit all you potential artistic prowess in mind, as you draw, touching hearts and minds from time to time with the right tablet PC for drawing. Any of this outstanding performance of a tablet is bound to transform your skills for the right reasons.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Advisor Rating  4.9

What We Like

  • Has the right 6th generation Intel core processors.
  • Light weight enough for easy portability.
  • Accommodates up to 16 GB of RAM storage.
  • An elegant fine, impressive finish.

What We Don't Like

  • Not version 4G compatible.

I rarely buy into the looks of a graphic tablet, but this drawing pad is one elegant and exquisite body construction.

It comes to you as an ultra-thin incredibly versatile convenience, comfortable for handling while doing you the much-needed line on your piece of art. The beautiful, careful craft is one full laptop-class keyboard with features perfectly spaced out.

It also supports swift gestures and multi-touch. The backlit keys come compatible including its trackpad for faster responses and quick touch and finish on your most anticipated artwork.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

Advisor Rating  4.8

What We Like

  • Runs perfectly on windows and office.
  • Embraces latest advanced Microsoft technology.
  • Surface pen included.
  • Portable thanks to its 3.84 pounds or 1576 grams weight.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't come with MS Office.

Microsoft continues to bring more and more to the world of art, thanks to this ultimate finish of a reliable tablet.

Are you that artist with a keen eye on high performance exceptional graphic tablets? Then this drawing pad is the right one for you. It brings to your comfort drawing zone convenience and versatility all packed into one. This is because, with its combination of an Intel Core i5, i7 processors, it is fast for your commands on whatever you need to do as you go about your art.

Expect up to 16 GB memory for storing your finished work, shoot videos and edit in Adobe Premier pro4 for that amazing fluidity and smoothness of your images.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book

Advisor Rating  4.7

What We Like

  • One of the thinnest and lightest PC tablet.
  • Instant digitizing of your notes.
  • Comes with up to 13 hours of battery life.
  • Easy to use stylus pen.

What We Don't Like

  • Cannot run more than one operating system simultaneously.

My last top command tablet Pc for drawing is the Lenovo Yoga Book. It enables you to make those drawing sketches using its stylish stylus pen with real ink. I like its light and fashionable look. It is one clever craft taken into account for the best, just like you intended your piece to look like.

Feel like you are drawing or writing on real paper with this Lenovo, an ultimate indulgence for the passionate about drawing.

Digitize your notes, edit your work, organize and sort your images. You can share it out very conveniently real time any the click of the button.

How To Choose Best Drawing Tablet?

Well, with experience a great drawing tablet is one awesome piece of a compliment you can't miss having for versatile drawing.

If there is anything that I like every weekend when I get down to do some of my favorite finishes, is that a drawing tablet that just feels like a natural pen or pencil on your paper.

I take you through some of the very vital tips you need to pay attention to, for a reliable and never disappointing tablet.

1# RPS OR PPS (Reports Per Second Or Points Per Second)

This means the number of times your tablet can send the touch or impression commands to the computer I one second. You don't want this speed slow because it could mean slow working on your piece of art, dragging behind your schedules.

I recommend you target a drawing tablet that has a high RPS or PPS for real-time responses. This will help you to avoid jagged lines but get smooth ones, for the most of your drawings.

2# The Active Area

Every time I get down during my weekends and holidays to do my drawings, one fact that hits me is that I can't negotiate through the right curves and many commands without an active area. It is everything.

This is where you write or draw on the device. It receives or communicates to you as an artist for appropriate responses. It comes to you with one pressure sensitive surface to which you write on using your stylus pen. Ensure your drawing tablet has a very sensitive and reactive active area for quick drawing. If it is larger, that is more space for your working.

I suggest you ensure maximum protection of this area to avoid physical damage to it for best long time performance.

3# Digital Stylus Pen

Can you imagine getting a stylus pen that keeps slipping off your fingers as you go for smooth lines on your piece of art? That can piss off. Make sure your drawing tablet is comfortable to hold. If it comes in rubber gripping craft, that can provide you with reliable all-time best grip.

Let your stylus pen be an ergonomic design for the most of the gripping. It should just as well feel like you hand a real natural pen.

Remember, there are those run by batter, usually thicker but narrow at its holding point. But also there are those that don't use a battery but rely on electromagnetic resonance tech ability. This simply uses less of your energy to provide you with remarkable performance.

4# How Sensitive Is Your Tablet When Tilted?

Also known as tilt recognition, check to see if you tilt your stylus while using your drawing tablet, you can get those thick or thin lines.

You are likely to find this useful in your Corel drawing and even when doing digital painting. If it is more responsive to the tilt, that is awesome.

Check on how pressure sensitive is your drawing device. This will influence a lot how much weight your lines carry, especially when doing those organic lines on your favorite cartoon art. Light press on your marker should translate to lighter lines and hard press thick ones.

5# Sensitivity In Pressure

Choose pressure sensitivity dependent on the type of work at hand and the convenience and versatility you expect of your drawing tablet. But it also depends on the stylus pen quality plus friction level applied on your tablet surface.

6# Tablet Resolution

Measured commonly in lines per inch, this is a means of basically measuring resolution on your tablet screen. Through the LPI (lines per inch), dots are placed well on the lines dependent on how close they can be to each other.

A higher LPI implies your tablet comes with a finer detail for the most anticipated sharpness on your drawings.

Type Of Drawing Tablet

You can opt to choose from many designs of drawing tablet that suit your artistic needs and preferences. They come with diverse technologies you comfortably fit into. They include;

  • Optical tablets that use small-sized digital cameras installed in the stylus pen for possible pattern matching of the image you are working on.
  • Passive tablets use electromagnetic induction tech to aid fine drawing, thanks to its ability to allow you use the stylus position, without necessarily having to touch the tablets screen surface. They don't need batteries to run the stylus pen.
  • Active tablets come to you with a self-powered electronics for better signal generation on the tablet. They have an internal battery to run it. They can embrace pen signals to encode and decode signals as you draw.
  • Capacitive tablets can detect pen positioning as your hovers about the top screen of your drawing tablet. They can determine the distance of the stylus pen from the surface of your tablet easily. You can count on their ability to embrace tilt position for the stylus pen with a versatile rotation of the pen.
Other Critical Features To Be Keen On
  • If the drawing tablet has additional functionality for more convenience in drawing your pieces of art like erasing among others.
  • Customizability of your drawing tablet functions.
  • Cost of the device to your saving plan.
  • Quality of device.
  • Tablet size you need to screen ratio.
  • Available programmable hot keys.
  • Interface for easy connectivity.
Final Verdict

While doing my most admired cartoon art, I came to like the tilt sensitivity of a drawing device. It is very useful, especially when going about control pen roundness. I recommend you keenly get a drawing tablet that will ensure you make them most of it.

Never spend too much on a lousy drawing tablet, that doesn't allow you to tailor your drawing to the finest finish needs on your piece of drawing. Pay attention to these key features to get value for your savings in the long run.

For those new into drawing tablets, if you go for those with corded stylus technology, this could be helpful in nurturing your growing skills and techniques. This will also be resourceful for your kid interested in drawing.

Expect any of these most thrilling drawing tablets I can recommend any time in confidence, to help you embrace the world of art, in a quicker and most efficient way possible.

How about you take your drawing skills and tactics to another new level with this drawing tablet review & complete guide on a high-performance best graphics tablet, out to give you a treat of a lifetime?

Drawing Advisor

Drawing Advisor (Timothy Martin) is a 35-year-old professional artist and blogger from the USA. He completed his graduation from the department of Drawing. And now he is teaching in Graphic Design at a reputed University. Read more.